Dhana Inc is the brand that believes in always paying it forward. Inspired by amber, blue and green our colors remind us to connect with nature. 

We are the brand that is creating fashion by nature, empowering our customers who we see as “champions for the environment” to engage responsibly when it comes to their clothes. To extend the life of our garments by re-using, recycling, reselling, and returning clothes that no longer serve us. To keep garments out of the landfill, actively fighting climate change and inspiring kindness as consumers.


What is Circular Fashion?

Circular Fashion is fashion designed with the consideration for the longevity of clothing use. An innovation model extending product usage and looping materials back into the fashion system to be used as raw materials. At Dhana, circular fashion is taking back unwanted or no-longer-of-use garments to upcycle them for new garments, resell them, or donate to Worn Again Technologies to be recycled into new fibers.

Dhana's 5 Defining Values

Every idea, design and action reflect our Five Defining Values Ingrained in the Spirit of Our Culture and Brand:

  • Commitment to honor all the people along the way behind our clothes
  • Celebrate the natural resources and environment that enable our designs, styles and collection
  • Communicate how we do business through transparency and accountability
  • Compassion for all life on earth and in being a force for good
  • Conscious behavior to ensure that our actions have a positive impact on people and planet

Dhana Inc. is proud to be a Certified B Corporation. B Corps represent for-profit companies that have been certified by the nonprofit, B Lab, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.